Contractor Management

Long Run Exploration shall strive to ensure all general contractor operations are carried out in accordance with applicable provincial legislation, national standards, and industry recommended practices.

  • Health and Safety Program: General contractors must have a functioning health and safety program that complies with provincial OHS legislation and industry standard.
  • Procedures: General contractor employers must provide written procedures for all critically hazardous tasks which their employees are expected to perform.
  • Compliance with Long Run Exploration Rules: General contractors must comply with all rules, policies, practices and guidelines as outlined Long Run Exploration’s HSE Management Program. In no case shall the work practices of a contractor be less stringent than those defined in Long Run Exploration’s HSE Management Program and its supporting documentation. Contractors must follow the most stringent rules, whether they be their own, Long Run’s, industry best practices or legislation.
  • ComplyWorks: All Contractors must be participating members of ComplyWorks.
  • Compliance with all applicable government legislation: General contractors must comply with all legislation including provincial and federal OHS legislation, standards, and any other industry recommended practices that pertain to the work being conducted.